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University of Cambridge
Lattice Coaching and Training
University of Oxford

'Absolutely brilliant - everyone loved it and it immediately kicked off more conversations in the office afterwards.'


Tom Randall

Founder and Coach, Lattice Coaching & Training


'George came to talk at the University about his experiences living with the Batek hunter-gatherers of Malaysia.  To have done so much entirely at his own initiative, to have established a good rapport with the Batek, to have learned as much as he had from them about their society and way of life, and to have come back safely leaving a good impression behind, was a great achievement - not that he was anything but modest about it.  His talk was relaxed, confident, well informed, interesting and richly illustrated photographically.  It was clear from the attentiveness of the group and the questions afterwards that the students found his presentation as engaging as I did.'


Professor Dr. Robert Attenborough

Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge

George is a remarkable man and his work among the Batek is crucial. Recording endangered cultural skills and knowledge that are on their way out is not only important from a modern cultural anthropological perspective but also for challenging assumptions of hominin capabilities in our deeper past. George's presentation at Oxford was thoroughly captivating and we can't wait to hear of his future adventures.

Dr. Laurie Hutchence

Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Oxford

Based on my research and expeditions, I have given talks on a wide range of subjects, including human performance, adventure, indigenous peoples, and conservation and sustainability. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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